Friday, September 10, 2010

Twitter is an Interesting New Way to Spread the Good News of Jesus and the Joys and Concerns of Living the Christian Life in This Time and Place

When I was the age of my children (teenagers) I did not foresee cell phones and the internet.  So much of the modern technology is miraculous in so many ways.  I am still astounded at the telephone with land lines -- that a voice can be replicated with electrical signals is remarkable, just as recordings on vinyl and tape.  now we are beyond that with digital everything.

There are perils and downsides in any technological leap, but also many blessings.  So I am attempting to embrace the new ways to proclaim ancient truths from the Bible and the Jesus Way.  Here is a feed from my Twitter account -- there are more tweets there going back to the beginning of the account.  Just go to and find GlennWilsonUSA for more mini-sermon thoughts and daily thought starters.

I hope these little reflections and proverbs (all must be 140 characters or less) will give you some encouragement and inspiration along the sometimes difficult journey we have in this life.  If nothing else, I hope these nuggets will make you think and reflect upn God's Word and his precepts of love, mercy, grace and compassion.  Jesus was and is the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords.  Live for Jesus today and tomorrow will be taken care of by His compassion for you.

IN CHRIST, Pastor Glenn